January is here, which means its the start of a new year and the end of a decade! We’re all feeling a little sluggish from binging on too much Christmas chocolate (those Quality Streets, boxes of Roses and Heroes), pudding and all the trimmings that go with it. So in true January spirit, and like everyone else, we’re jumping on the bandwagon of this month’s famous fitness regimes. However, this time we’ve gone electric and want to talk to you about the latest 2-wheeled trend that is the e-Bike!

To give you a taster of an e-Bike’s benefits, here are some to wet your whistle…


Personally Economical

Rather than paying for your car insurance, parking, petrol and all the other stuff people spend on cars, purchasing an e-bike is a lot nicer on your bank account and keeps you fit as well. Your largest outgoings on this vehicle would be the initial spend and perhaps your annual service, and that won’t be anything close to the amount you normally spend on your car.


Pedal Assistance 

The name gives it away anyway, but just to clarify if you’re still a little foggy about an e-bike, is you can charge the battery as you pedal. You also don’t have to have the battery turned on all the time, meaning you can ride your e-bike like an old school 2-wheeler if you’d rather. But when it comes to hills and if you’re feeling a little tired of peddling, you can turn that battery on and pedal assistance is at your service until you reach your destination.


Fast & Faster!

If you’re a cyclist already, you’ll be aware of the speeds you can reach when you really push yourself on a flat surface, or even going downhill. But with an e-bike, you can go faster with less peddling, by turning the battery on and cycling at a more leisurely pace but still at a good speed. Therefore, keeping your cool and looking like a smooth-rider in the process!



Just because it’s electronic, doesn’t mean it’s not as good for your health. As we mentioned above, you can turn your battery off so you can cycle as normal, so either way, your fitness levels will increase with the usage of your e-bike. It’s also a great form of transport if your legs aren’t what they used to, by taking the pressure off your knees when your pedal.


Doing Your Bit For The Environment With Each Pedal

We’re not going to say too much about this since we’ve all seen or are aware of climate change taking place right in front of our eyes. But having an e-bike will remove more cars off the road, stop you sitting in that horrendous morning and after-work traffic, and reduce your carbon footprint. So all in all, everyone’s better off – it’s a no brainer investing in an e-bike or even just a bike!



You don’t have to go for clunky, un-attractive e-bikes or weird, futuristic-looking ones that have come from the movie set of iRobot. Bike shops such as Big Maggy’s offer a range of different designed e-bikes to suit you and your style, so you can look cool and cycle cool at the same time!


Want to know more about e-Bikes?

Speak to Aaron and the team at Big Maggy’s and they will help you decide what e-bike suits you. They’ll even let you take one of their bikes out for a ride-around so you can get a feel for your new wheels. 

Call them 01534 729900

See them at the new IFC5 International Finance Centre, just off the roundabout opposite Fitness First! You can’t miss their giant, branded deckchair outside.



Convinced about investing an e-bike but need some help with the funds?

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