2019 has been the year of highlighting renewable and sustainable energy. From every islander recycling products in their home to more cyclists riding around Jersey for both leisure and work. But just incase you’re still using your car and you’re looking for more efficient ways to drive and save money, we’ve got a few top tips to share with you…


1. Watch Your Driving 

We’re not saying you’re a bad driver. We want you to watch how much you’re driving, because the less you drive the less you’ll spend on fuel. To reduce your fuel consumption (when you do drive), avoid braking heavily, harsh accelerating (we’re not in Fast & Furious) and driving over the speed limit (that means not driving 30mph down green lanes!).  Additionally, driving in the wrong gear and straining the engine will use up more fuel. So give your engine a listen next to you’re out-and-about in your car.


2. Time To Check Your Tyres

Whether you check every fortnight or weekly, just make sure your tyres are pumped to the correct pressure (check your car’s manual for this). With flatter tyres comes more fuel consumption to get your car from A to B. So pump up those wheels to give you a safer driving experience.


3. Air-Con Off. Windows Down

Since we’re going into the colder months, there isn’t any need to get the air-con blasting throughout the car. But when the warmer temperature does come knocking on your car door, try avoid using it as it can increase fuel consumption by 25%! Just roll down those windows, get your sunglasses on and get ready for summer.


4. Get Rid Of Excess Weight

If you’re hoarding items from your home in the back of you car, ask yourself – why?! Carrying around excess items or having an unnecessary roof-rack on top of your car will make you use more fuel due to the increased weight.

Fact: For every extra 25kg in weight, your car’s fuels consumption will increase by 1%. 


5. Hunt For Cheaper Fuel

As islanders, we’re all aware that news travels fast and that means when the price of petrol increases considerably at one petrol station, you’re going to mention it to a few friends and family, especially if it’s your local refuelling station. So we’ve found this handy website setup by Jersey Fuel Watch, that shows you the latest costs per litre, from different petrol stations across the island – check it out