In the modern age, it seems that the world is running on coffee 24/7. With the demand of work being higher than ever and no one really ‘shutting off’, we are all turning to caffeine to keep us going until Friday at 5pm. We’re pointing our finger at our Monday morning saviour,  coffee. 

On average, the coffee industry is valued at £16billion, based around the 500million cups we drink every year across the globe. You can understand why this was one of the first consumer-facing industries that was targeted to help with climate change and the use of takeaway coffee cups. 

Whilst coffee companies such as Starbucks, Costa and our boutique friends here in Jersey are creating different ways to enjoy the famous caffeinated bean, we have decided to explore what our home-format of Instant VS Nespresso Capsules are cheaper. 

Check out our infographic below…  

Despite the capsules being arguably more expensive, we can’t help but lean more towards them, since the flavour is more suited to our personal taste (based on the capsules you can buy and the beans they’re made from) and the machine does everything for you. This debate can be argued from both sides, but for us Smart Experts, we favour Nespresso / machine coffee.