If you’re looking to renovate your office or perhaps move into another establishment due to expansion, then office furniture can take up a large budget if you’re buying it brand new. However, if you don’t have an endless pot to tuck into and treat yourself, read our five ways that won’t burn a whole in your business wallet but will give your office the fresh, new look it deserves.  




Up-cycling is not just a recent trend online, it’s also a great way to save money with old furniture either from your home or from your current office. So if you’re looking to reupholster a chair, sofa or repaint a table that you already own, all you have to pay for is the labour (if you’re outsourcing to a professional) and the paint! 



Head to your local charity shop and search for any furniture that you could repaint/decorate to suit your office colour scheme. It may be more of a hassle to source large items this way, but even looking at eBay or speaking to users on local Facebook Groups (Jersey Ask, Advise, Advertise) to see if anyone is about to throw out a set of table and chairs. You don’t know unless you ask! 



Like the House Of Pain once said, ‘Shop, Shop, Shop Around’…okay we know it’s ‘Jump Around’, but we couldn’t resist! Anyway, shopping around in charity or second hand shops could save you money, but you can also hop over to France or the UK and visit an IKEA or Carrefour to enjoy their bargains and flatpack office products that don’t cost an arm and a leg. 



This is a no-brainer for pretty much everyone who lives in the Channel Islands. Without internet shopping we would all be wearing the same clothing and it would become a slight ‘Truman Show’ feel. So we automatically head online to Amazon or other office supply companies to see who offers the best bargain, online discounts and free delivery. And despite having to wait a little longer for the delivery to arrive, less money would have been spent than buying on-island.



If you’re planning to move offices when your contract is up with the tenants or you just want a change of scenery, ensuring you have enough time to save money for the big move is crucial to your overall move-spend. If you can buy office equipment such as chairs, desks, boardroom tables, accessories, months in advance this will help reduce the stress of a move and save you money in the long run. 


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