The 6-weeks summer holiday for our young-ones is coming to an end and as parents, we’re just short of rejoicing at this fact. But now its time to participate in the annual ‘Back To School’ supplies. From pencil cases to notebooks, portractors to lab coats and school uniforms to school shoes! It can be an overwhelming experience for parents and children, heading into secondary or even primary school. So we’ve devised a list of ways to help you save money on school supplies for the upcoming year. 



If your children don’t have to wear a strict uniform code and you can get away with purchasing a few white school and P.E shirts from the supermarket, definitely use it to your advantage. Even going to Carrefour in France or ordering a set of white tops from online stores such as George, will help reduce your BTS (Back To School) balance.

If you DO have a strict uniform code, get to know the mums of older children who may have grown out of their uniform, from last year / summer growth spurt, and buy a second-hand set, which will be a lot cheaper than the school Uniform Shop. 



Now as parents, we all have that chat with our child that goes like, ‘Why are you shoes ruined? You’ve only had them a couple of weeks’, ‘Me and my friends have been playing football and then we went to play rugby…’. Depending how ‘active’ your children are in their shoes will depict how much you want to spend or even discuss going half on the price (if they’re old enough to have extra pocket money). The same rule applies for trainers for their sports lessons. 



Like we said earlier, when your children are first entering secondary and you’re sent a list of protractors, compasses, pencil sharpeners, calculators and other random equipment that are used for specific lessons throughout the year, unfortunately it’s a necessity for your child’s school life.  But if you’ve had an older child finish school already, fish out their old pencil case or even ask school leavers’ parents if you could purchase their pencil case assets for a pretty penny. Alternatively, check out Amazon for bulk buys on pencils, pens and other stationary. 


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