If 2019 was the year of engagement to your beloved partner, then we’re probably behind in advice on wedding plans. However, weddings can cost a lot of money, and despite wanting a Kardashian/Kanye day, with the floral wall’s, located in Italy and all the over-the-top extras that made their day seem like a fairytale, the harsh reality is not everyone can afford it. So we’ve compiled a list of ways to make your wedding day as special as possible, on a budget. 


Avoid Over-Inviting Guests

You’re going to want to invite every man and his wife to your wedding, and that’s okay. But with every invite you prepare to send out, it comes at an additional cost. It’s best to write down all the people you would like to have, then begin crossing out names by 20%….and then again and assess if you’re happy with the final number and attendees. 


Instead of Wedding Gifts, Ask For Wedding Help

If you’ve got a group of talented friends who are artists, designers, photographers, musicians or even wedding planners, then utilise their talents and see if they will offer a deal as a gift to you and your fiancé, for their services.


A Home Ceremony or Outdoors

Renting a venue for your ceremony/reception can be  expensive. If you or your partner has space to host your wedding at their home/parent’s home, why not consider this instead. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a summer wedding and there is a particular outdoor location such as a park with a beautiful view, why not wed there. Just remember, if you’re counting on an English Summer to be perfect on the day with no hint of rain clouds, think about a backup option of a marquee to stop your guests from getting wet. 


Do The Catering Yourself or Hire A Family-Owner Restaurant

If you and your partner have a knack for cooking and catering, why not prepare the food yourself. It will drastically reduce your food costs at the reception. Maybe, like us, you don’t trust yourself with catering on such a big scale (this isn’t a friends dinner you’re hosting!), so you can approach a family-owned restaurant on-island to see if they could offer catered services. They are guaranteed to go that extra mile for your day and more understanding of your budget needs. 


Minimalistic Flowers

Not looking for a large bouquet to walk down the aisle with? Why not apply for a single rose for each bridesmaid and a small bouquet for yourself. Take it one step further and see if your friends/family have beautiful flowers in their garden which you can create your bouquet from instead – just don’t forget to trim away any thorns!


Skip Groomsmen & Bridesmaids Gifts

This is very much a 21st Century wedding fad that is an additional cost to the traditional format of your event. Instead of  buying each person a gift, why not send them a handwritten note saying ‘thankyou’ rather than buying a hamper or expensive gift. 


Hand & Homemade Invitations

Who doesn’t love a delicately-cut handmade card or invite. It may be time consuming, but it’s something fun for you and your bridal party/husband to create together. View Pinterest to be inspired by invitation ideas and purchase the relevant materials for the number of invites required.


Stock The Bar Yourself

Alcohol can be one of the big expenses of a wedding, because you’re providing beverages for the whole reception day, from the toasting alcohol to the drinks with meals and then the evening event where your gran is ordering gin and tonics at the bar. Instead of opting for an open bar, save money by just supplying a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails, followed by a cash bar. 


Rent Tuxedos

Like wedding dresses, it becomes one of those wardrobe items that are only worn on your wedding day and convert to a professional dust collector in your home. Unless you need a tuxedo for other future events, consider renting a group for you and your groom’s party to save the costs. 


Bridesmaid Dresses Off The Rack

Don’t worry, it’s not cheap or tacky – it’s efficient! If you’re looking to save money on their dresses, and let’s be honest, when will they wear them again, explore a range of stores with dresses on sale that are all a similar colour. If you’re not too bothered by the styles, let your bridesmaids choose a dress suited to their body shape in the same colour. 


Planning Is The Key To A Happy Wedding

The more you plan your wedding the more you can budget. If you’re planning for your special day to take place in 2 years time, you’ve got more than enough time to schedule meetings with all the relevant people to ensure your day is as wonderful as you’ve always dreamed of. You can now buy wedding planners that help you budget per month, and guide and advise you on what you should be organising depending on the timescale. So don’t worry, you’ll have everything under control. Just don’t turn into a bride-zilla!


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