Saving money whilst enjoying your food is a win-win for everyone, especially if you’re earning points while you shop. We also think it makes the food taste better – probably a ‘mind over matter’ scenario, but we’re not questioning it. 


1. Buy whole fruits and vegetables

Jump on the bandwagon of reducing your plastic waste by purchasing products that haven’t been wrapped, pre-peeled, cut up or prepped in any way. For this, you are paying a premium and it comes at a price! Those jars of sliced garlic or apricots also have shorter life expectancy, so they’re more likely to go out of date quicker than if you buy a bulb of garlic or a handful of apricots from the loose fruit and vegetable aisle.

2. Don’t be a Store Brand Snub

Gone are the days where Heinz and Hellmans are the premium products on the shelves. Own-brand products are on the rise and taking on the mainstream competitors with full force! Stores such as Tesco, Morrisons, Co-Op range products have just as good of a relationship with food manufacturers as those ‘big players’ in the industry, and they’re most likely made by the same company, but have a different label on. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy testing the water, but we know the own-brand products are cheaper and can say without a doubt, Marks & Spencer’s Mayonnaise is our preferred favourite, than Hellmans.

3. Freeze, Freeze, Freeze! 

If you’re moseying down the aisles of your local supermarket and you come across great savings on chicken fillets, consider buying them and freezing for use at a later day. If you’ve got a good-sized freezer that isn’t full of leftover soups, half of the arctic’s ice in cube format or copious amount of ice cream tubs, then get storing (winter is coming!). Even think about buying frozen prawns for easy weeknight dinners or frozen fruit and vegetables that are great when you need to make something quick.

4. Find The Bargain Aisle 

You’ll always find an aisle dedicated to ‘reduced-price’ products. These items are normally seasonal and mainly discounted after an annual event (Easter eggs, Chocolate boxes from Christmas, funny-shaped crisps from Halloween). But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an easter egg in May or a Christmas advent calendar in January (maybe the advent calendar is too much!).

5. Fill Your Cupboards With Sale Non-Perishables 

If you’ve got the cupboard space, make the most out of nonperishable products that are on sale, like tins of chopped tomatoes, tuna or sweetcorn, pasta, honey and rice. Yes, you may look a little bit like a hoarder when you open your kitchen cupboards, but at least you’ll be prepared in case a siege happens or the snow/ice hits the island next winter. 


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