Everyone is always looking for a bargain holiday that provides the highest quality, relaxation and services at a great price for the whole family. Sometimes taking the family off-island costs more than an arm-and-a-leg and can leave you struggling for money whilst away or when you return. So we’ve devised a list of ways to save money on your next holiday that will get you booking your next destination sooner rather than later. 

Use Your Air Miles To Cover Flights

The most expensive part of your holiday tends to be your airplane ticket, and when you’re booking 2-4 seats on the plane for your family, to and from your destination, it begins to add up at the checkout. If you’re a member of any airline (British Airways for AVIOS points, EasyJet, Emirates etc), then check out how many miles you’ve got and the best way to use them so you save more money!  

Explore an Inexpensive Family Cruise

You may think we’ve gone completely mad, but a cruise suited to your family or age group provides a great opportunity to visit numerous destinations on one trip, plus sailing the high-seas. Additionally, only having to pay the upfront cost of the cruise itself, including accommodation, entertainment and food, it allows you to budget your spending-money for when you make port during your holiday.  

All you have to worry about it transporting the family across to the mainland and then to the port, and you’re on your way cruising around the Mediterranean before you know it!

Airbnb Over Hotels

Now we know you won’t get the luxury of someone making your food for you, bringing you cocktails by the pool, cleaning your room everyday, but with the rise in popularity of Airbnb in the 21st Century and the affordable prices it offers, it becomes a no-brainer when planning your holiday. Now with high security of this online booking platform and the ability to find ‘Superhosts’ that can only be obtained based on customer reviews and rating, you can trust to find a suitable place to take your kids. Want another plus? There are now ‘Experiences’ which are recommended by the locals so you can absorb as much of the raw culture as possible. You know what they say, you learn more outside the classroom! 

Budget Airlines are Trending

It can be hard fighting for a seat with high-flying brands like British Airways or Emirates, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about the budget airlines that do the job just as good. Apart from the customer service, which sometimes can lack on the famous airlines, the budget brands will charge you additional services such as in-flight entertainment, snacks, drinks, hold and hand luggage, and seat assignment. Some airlines even charge you for printing out the ticket at the check-in desk!

How can you beat this? 

  • Inflight Entertainment: Take a book to read. Download movies and music to your mobile or electronic devices. Download games on your phone, just in-case you fancy a mid-flight sudoku match with your other half. 
  • Snacks & Drinks: Purchase snacks and drinks before you go to your gate. That way you can choose everything from Oreos to Haribos, Oasis Summer Fruits to bottled water (the possibilities are endless)! 
  • Luggage: Depending on the duration of your holiday, assess how much luggage you need to take with you and whether or not it can fit into the allocated hand luggage sizing.
  • Seat Assignment: If you’re not too bothered where you sit and the online seating shows where you will be positioned on the plane for either the two of you or your family, let the electronic system do the rest. 
  • Ticket: Make sure you download the airlines app to have the ticket on your phone or print it off at home before you leave for the airport. 

Redeem Rewards with All-Inclusive Hotels 

Hotel chains such as the Hyatt allow you to redeem points for your stay. So if you’re booking an all-inclusive holiday for you and the family, find out how many points you have on your membership (if you are one already) and utilise these to reduce your final outgoings. If you’re not a member, sign up now! 

We have also discovered that online booking companies such as booking.com offer discounts depending on how many accommodation reservations you make with them. The more you make, the more money you save in the long run! 

Travelling Off Peak

This might be a little more difficult if you have to stick to the school holiday timetable, but if you don’t, we advise travelling during the off-peak months of your destination to avoid the expensive travelling and accommodation. Not only will it be cheaper for you to travel, but there will be less tourists and crowds, so you have more access to cultural attractions and excursions easily and less drama and stress on your trip as a whole. 

Off-peak Season 

Caribbean: April – November 

Europe: October – May 

Camping…not Glamping

This form of vacation is becoming more and more popular with the attraction of being closer to nature and living eco-friendly first hand. There has been an increase of camping sites in nature parks as well as designated areas for people to set up camp for their duration, and with the cost-per-night being cheaper than hotels, its a great holiday type to share with the family.

Camping Essentials 

  • Tent: Make sure you have enough space to enjoy your stay as well as relax in it. Example – if you have 2 people staying in the tent, look for a 4-man tent. 
  • Make a Checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything for your adventure. 
  • Plan Your Meals so you’re covered for snacks, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. 
  • Read the camping area rules, to be respectful of other ‘happy campers’.
  • Bring the Correct Clothing and make sure you’ve packed your pj’s to your bikinis, jumpers and jackets. 
  • Check the weather before you plan your trip. If it’s predicted thunderstorms, hail or lightning for that time of year, then rethink or plan another location. No one wants to go camping and have to sit in their tent 24/7.
  • Perform a test trip close to home so you can utilise everything you would take with you on your big camping holiday. This will help you create your checklist in case you forget anything. 

Book Your Flights Early

Call us Mr/Mrs Organised but planning your holiday in advance has it’s perks and one of them is booking your flight at least 6-9months before you travel. Google Flights and SkyScanner are good comparison websites that allow you to see what airline presents the best price. 


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