Straightforward, Professional and Swift business loan approvals within 24 hours



Straightforward, Professional and Swift personal loan approvals within 24 hours


Straightforward, Professional and Swift loan approvals within 24 hours


Straightforward, Professional and Swift agreement in principle within 24 hours

Personal Loans

Personal loans tailored to suit your needs, whether it’s for home improvements, car or a holiday away. We ensure a quick decision, the best rates and professional advice from expert consultants with your best interests at heart.

Business Loans

We are passionate and dedicated about supporting local businesses. We strive to keep the finance process as quick and easy as possible, by offering valuable, professional and trusted business financial loans and advice from expert consultants.

Welcome to Smart Money

At Smart Money, our aim is to provide a thoughtful, personal interactive approach finding the best solution for business and personal loans.

Specialist consultants will guide you through tailored loan options and will ensure that all your needs and requirements are understood.
Loans, in general, can be a cumbersome process and it’s our goal to ensure that the process is as easy and smooth as possible for each client who applies. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why clients choose and refer us for personal loans or business loans:

  • Personal Interaction
  • Professional Advice
  • A Smooth & Easy Application Process
  • Fast Results
  • Expert and Friendly Consultants
  • Service with customer satisfaction in mind.

Loan Estimator

Do you want to apply or get an accurate business or personal loan estimation?

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